El Nido Palawan | Island Hopping Tour (Day3)

It's Day 3 for us in El Nido and 2nd day of our Island Hopping Tour. This time we are doing tour package A and B. They don't usually recommend this combination because of the travel time, We will be crossing an open sea and the success of this tour depends on the weather and the wind. Which makes it more exciting! hehe.

We woke up to a gloomy weather and we are seeing big waves ahead of us. But the boatman and our guide Ryan assured us that our safety will always come first. Ryan, our tour guide is a licensed tour guide of El Nido and Palawan. In Palawan, they practice strict compliance with the law which is really good, because that simply means we are in good hands. 

Tour Package A, they say, should not be missed in all of the tours. Majority of the highlights of this tour is what made El Nido a must visit destination in the Philippines according to some journalists. They say you haven't been to El Nido if you haven't been to one of the spots here.
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El Nido Palawan | Island Hopping Tour (Day 2)

It's Day 2 for us here in El Nido and we are about to try the Island Hopping Tour Package C and D of Northern Hope Tours. Just to set your expectations, the travel agencies and even the people who're trying to sell group tours on site have the same rates. That's one of the nice things about Palawan Tourism is that they standardized the rates and services to be offered to all tourists coming in, for a healthy competition among agencies.

But of course, to be chosen as an agency you must have a plus deal to get more inquiries and get more clients. So as a good deal, we chose to combine the tours to get the highlights of each tour package. For day 1 of Island Hopping, we chose Tour Package C and D. You may also request for combination tours upon booking. They will give you the best combination possible for you and your group.  Watch this video that I tried to edit and compile. Hehe, this is such a newbie one but hopefully, it will encourage you to travel to El Nido. 

Sites visite…

El Nido Palawan | Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach in El Nido Palawan is one of the must-visit sites in El Nido. I don't know what else to say. lol

According to my research (from other blogs), Nacpan Beach is a 4km stretch of powdery sand beach. The beach is still in its virgin beauty. Although resorts are starting to sprout in the area. I just hope it will not be abused like what other touristy beaches in the Philippines right now. Everything seems to be perfect in Nacpan Beach. Despite its distance and difficulty of access roads, people flock and visit Nacpan Beach. It is already touristy, but I am still hoping for its virginity be reserved. 
When we arrived we already saw a portion of the shore with umbrellas and seats for sunbathing for rent. I prefer those shouldn't be that near to the beach. Small stalls or sheds where already visible and it caters the public for some freshly cooked seafood and other refreshments.  We had lunch at Kyla's Cucina, it's one of the bigger cottages you see on the beach. A lo…

Cebu City | Elicon House Budget Hotel

Elicon House is a budget hotel in Cebu that has International Hostel Certificate
Budget hotel in Cebu City located near to schools, malls, and hospitals. Conservation & Permaculture Inspired Hotel Dubbed as the Ecological LIving and CONservation House, Elicon House overflows with permaculture elements making it a unique place to learn about the practice of permaculture. Colorful mosaics, wall decors, and artworks are made from recovered materials. Light and air wells are functional and create a pleasant ambiance that one rarely finds in an urban setting. Elicon House is a budget-friendly city hotel. It also serves as an eco-hostel, youth and family hostel, student and professional dorm, with daily, weekly and monthly rates for local and international travellers. For many decades, our management and staff have provided effective, efficient and reliable Cebuano hospitality to a multitude of new and regular guests. For BOOKING Click here: DISCOUNT/FRIEND COD…

Cagayan de Oro City | Primavera Residences Damiani Property Management

During the 1st Uptown Food Crawl in Cagayan de Oro hosted by Italpinas Development Corp Inc, we were hosted in one of the condominium units managed by Damiani Property Management. You can book a unit for your overnight stay, week-long staycation or a month stay through their AIRBNB, Agoda, and/ Booking Account.

Damiani Property Management - Primavera Residences by XyZa

We stayed in a 2 bedroom unit while Alex of and Mike of stayed in a 1 bedroom unit.

If you don't have an AIRBNB account yet, sign up using this link and get 1,600 pesos off on your first booking. 

They stay is a complimentary accommodation of Damiani Property Management as one of the partners and sponsor of The 1st Uptown Food Crawl of Primavera Residences. 

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