SINGAPORE | Guided City Tour Itinerary

The visit to Singapore last May 2017 was a mix of business and leisure. Me and my team mates of Leuterio Realty & Filipino Homes planned a trip to SG since January to motivate us to reach our goals in sales. At least we have something to look forward to by summer. So we booked a trip without having much plans really on what to do in Singapore other than just plain vacation. 
Before we left for Singapore, we were surprised that we were booked for a CITY TOUR by our very own CEO (Thank you!). The City tour was 36SGD per person, should you wish to get their service too. But I'll be sharing with you our itinerary, just in case you wish to do it on your own instead. 
STARTING POINT >>> Chinatown Tourist HUB A shuttle pick us up at Victoria Albert Street which is just across the road where our hostel was. The shuttle brought us to the Chinatown Tourist Hub. From Chinatown we were aboard a tourist bus, where we were mixed with other tour…

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